Since 2012 I have been involved with 2 buildings having work undertaken by the Prince’s REGENERATION Trust .

From 2012 I have documented the work from the start of the Middleport Pottery regeneration to it’s completed finish in 2014 in which it had a 9 million pound refurbishment into a popular visitor attraction , tea rooms , potters college,  museum and business hub and also at the Wedgwood Institute’s phase 1 work of 1 million pounds to make the building water tight taking it off the historical buildings at risk register and once again make the building useful and save it from falling as many old buildings so into such decay they are past saving . Over the years I covered event’s both at Middleport Pottery and various events and projects  throughout Stoke On Trent for the Prince’s Trust and I have had images used advertising the potteries visitor centre and museum in all types of media . Other images of the building were used to attract TV and film companies to film here (  the BBC’s Great Pottery Throw Down being one ) and bring companies to take up the new business units now available at Middleport . Now there is a waiting list of people wishing to set up and work within the potteries units

Image’s have also been used to advertise the work being carried out to members of the Prince’s Trust and on their website , tv , national media , and at their meeting’s and of course to show HRH Prince Charles what was happening on the regeneration’s being undertaken  . Because of the work I have done for the Trust  I have met HRH 4 time’s where he thanked me for my involvement of which he had been following through my images , knowing your future King knows of you and what you can do is something I can tell my grandchildren in years to come .